What is this?

Plaid Trees was created on the idea to help authors. What's the biggest problem author's have? Getting reviews.

So this is an author help author situation.  We'll be gathering information from several authors and their books.
Then every two weeks, we'll do a review blast. We'll email a list of several books looking for reviews and information
on how to contact the author to receive a review copy.

Then, proceed to leave a review on Amazon & Goodreads for the book. 


  • You must review a book every two months. This system only works if everyone works together. 
  • You must follow Amazon's rule, so please state you received a free copy. 
  • Please be honest with your reviews.

  • Do not harass the reviewer. 
  • Understand not everyone will enjoy your book. Be open for honest reviews.
  • If you are an author in this group, you are also a reviewer. For your book to be listed, you have to be open to reviewing other books.
For both authors and reviewers, please send a message to plaid trees stating your book was reviewed/you reviewed a book. That way we can keep track of those participating. You can send the message through facebook, our email, twitter, or even as a comment on our website. 
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